Poet Paulette Claire Turcotte reads her poem “GHOSTING THE SACRED SALMON,” from the forthcoming anthology “Words Fly Away: Poems for Fukushima.”



  1. Hi Holly

    Just a quick Mail are you looking for vids from all poets who has work accepted in this anthology/ebook??I know in one of my poetry groups a few poets where accepted in but only one received a mail about the you tube vids of poets reading there submission, I loved to send one in as I have been accepted,

    kind regards

    Polly Munnelly

    Sent from Windows Mail

  2. Thanks for pointing out my oversight. I believe I have emailed the entire list of poets this time. I would love it if you do a video. Thanks again, Holly Harwood

    • Oh, I’ve been waiting for a reply. So if you haven’t heard back, should you just assume your poem wasn’t accepted?

      • We try to respond in a timely manner to everyone who submitted. Please resend your poem as I don’t recall receiving it. Sorry for the mix up.

  3. I haven’t heard anything back from you either, despite having sent my poem in December. So I sent it again yesterday. Hope I will receive an acknowledgement of receipt this time even if my poem wasn’t selected for the anthology.

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