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Fukushima Response Bay Area formed in 2012 to create a groundswell of public opinion, mobilizing the necessary political will to marshal an international effort to end this nuclear disaster. The BFUU Social Justice Committee  sponsors events and forums on many issues of the day, including the “Conscientious Projector” film and discussion series. The BFUU Poetry Committee is a new group led by poet Frances Hillyard.  Holly Harwood, who originated the poetry anthology project, previously worked as a free lance editor and as editor in chief for Ad Astraea Press.  She is a member of all three groups.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello. My name is Scott Watson. I live in Sendai, Japan. I have a book about the 3-11 disaster here called QUAKE NOTES (Country Valley Press, USA). I also have writings in poetry and prose about the Fukushima Nuke. They are called NUKELETTERS. Leza Lowitz in Tokyo suggests I submit them to you. How do I do that?
    Best, Scott Watson

  2. Last year you accepted my haiku poem on Fukushima’s fb site. I missed hearing about the anthology though till now. Did the deadline truly pass? MistyRose Ok, Owasso Oklahoma on facebook of MistyRoseOK@hotmail.com


    Power Water Falls
    Cesium Rings Seep Sadness
    Quake Uproots Blossoms

    Haiku “TAKIZAKURA BANZAI” by MistyRose™ © 26 December 2013
    (In Honor Of The Fukushima Japan Victims And Survivors)
    There is a famous cherry tree at Miharu Nippon near the nuclear disaster site which still blooms and has long been named waterfall (taki) cherry (zakura). Banzai is the traditional Japanese exclamation meaning “ten thousand years” that is shouted each year for the Emperor’s birthday

      • Hi, I am one of the authors for the anthology and received an electronic galley in July but have not yet received a completed version, despite your Facebook page saying that you sent out authors’ copies of the enhanced PDF.
        Please send it.
        Thank you.

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